The Arbenz Foundation

About the Arbenz Foundation

The foundation provides continues awareness and support to those in Guatemala that continue to need access and resources. Through the sharing of the Arbenz Story as well as hosting special events, the foundation continues this important work to liberate and advocate for those who seek democracy, peace and prosperity.

What is the Guatemala spring?

Historians and people who remember the 10-year period after the 1944 revolution called it the early steps of democracy—very fragile, yet monumental steps. Or as some recall, it was a spring of hope, a new season of hope…it was known as Guatemala Spring.  Through our combined efforts, we hope to see another Guatemalan Spring.
We also believe that Guatemala was on the right path toward democracy, peace and prosperity until the U.S.-led overthrow of the Guatemalan President in 1954 (Jacobo Arbenz) and many related human rights violations.  We believe that, under the right circumstances, Guatemala can undergo a “spring” or renaissance that will allow the country and its people to rebuild what has been destroyed over the last 5-6 decades due to foreign intervention, despotism, violence and terrorism.

The Arbenz Story moves from powerful piece of history to the silver screen.